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WTS Oem Brompton Ti Frame and Rear Triangle

Discussion in 'Jual Beli Sepeda Lipat' started by Brian Tan, May 19, 2018.

  1. Brian Tan

    Brian Tan New Member

    ti frame.jpg ti rear triangle.jpg ti rear triangle 2.jpg

    Hi, I am selling this brand new OEM TI Brompton frame and Rear Brompton Triangle. Please take note that I have custom it to be a disc ready so you can now install disc brakes on it. For more info, please feel to email me at evride85@gmail.com or PM for more info
  2. THeo Audi Yanto

    THeo Audi Yanto New Member

    Berapaan om
  3. Afandy Morie

    Afandy Morie New Member

    Nyimak Harga nih ;).
  4. dasarbule

    dasarbule Wes Tuek

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