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White Industries ENO FreeWheel Single Speed (2nd istimewa)

Discussion in 'Jual Beli Sepeda Fixie' started by Bali Bike Market, Apr 20, 2013.

  1. White Industries ENO freewheels can be threaded onto White Industries' ENO hubs: Standard ENO or Eccentric ENO and other manufacturers' hubs. Utilizing sealed cartridge bearings, the ENO freewheel is durable, reliable, and easily maintained. Made in USA

    The ENO freewheel was developed to solve the problems that plagued Single Speed and BMX riders: bearing contamination, limited tooth configurations and lack of quick engagement. White Industries concentrated on these issues in developing the ENO freewheel which features sealed cartridge bearings, O-ring seals 19T in single tooth increments.

    The ENO freewheel features a machined inner driver and machined outer gear case resulting in a freewheel that runs concentrically without the tight loose spots common to other freewheels.

    The advantage of the cartridge bearing is that it is sealed from the elements such as mud, grit, and water. White Industries freewheels utilize an extra moisture seal that is seated on the freewheel backside, which protects the freewheel from water and debris. The other benefit is that the bearing is nicely contained in one simple unit and easily pulled and replaced when worn. If necessary, the internals can be cleaned.

    Additional information:
    • Weight: 177 grams
    • Cog sizes: 19T
    • Thread size: 1.37 x 24 tpi
    • Engagement: 36 points
    • Chain: Works with both 1/8" and 3/32"
    • Bearing: 19t: 1 x 6808

    For: BMX / FIXED GEAR / all bikes Single Speed

    Kondisi: 95% Like new

    Price: 420rb nego
    *Harga dijual setengah harga saja, silahkan cek harga barunya 1jtan

    CALL/SMS: 081229915758
    PIN BB: 27047258



  2. dxtr

    dxtr Peternak Sepeda

    om, menarik nih liat konstruksinya, cog dgn sealed bearing, saya ga liat ulir maupun six hole, berarti pake cog ini.bisa coasting dong walaupun pake hub fixed?
  3. aiyo

    aiyo Active Member

    if it is free, don't think there is anything fixed about it.

    di liat dari ulir nya, kliatan nya untuk di pasang di hub ulir freewheel singlespeed, bukan untuk di pasang di hub track ulir tingkat dengan lockring. kalopun di pasang di hub flipflop, kliatan nya tetep di sisi yang memang untuk freewheel.
  4. ini dipasang di hub FIXED GEAR / TRACK , lalu pakai Lockring
  5. dxtr

    dxtr Peternak Sepeda

    dipasang di hub fixed tapi cognya pake bearing kan om ? berarti saat hub fixed berputar (pedalling) bearing diam dan cog yang berputar, dan saat coasting cog diam namun hub masih bisa berputar karena ada bearing yang berputar

    bener ga sih logika saya ? kalo salah tolong dibetulin ya om:giggle:
  6. aiyo

    aiyo Active Member

    karena drat nya sama sama 1.37x24 tpi, bisa aja di pasang di track hub yang tpi nya sama. masi bisa di pasang lockring nya ? minta poto nya gi ke pasang di track hub pake lockring yaa Oom :)

    bisa cocok buat yang punya track hub only, dan perlu pasang freewheel. review nya di luar juga bagus bagus nii
  7. ini FREEWHEEL buat hub track/fixed gear, dan pakai lockring , cara pemasangan sama seperti pasang cog di hub tersebut, tetapi saya perjelaskan sekali lagi ini "FREEWHEEL"
  8. FL@Tstreet

    FL@Tstreet New Member

    Ada gak sih yg jual sepeda FG/SS harga 500rb kualitas bagus :love:

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