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Discussion in 'Road, Time Trial, dan Cyclocross' started by Amanu Pinandito, Mar 17, 2016.

  1. priyo suprayogi

    priyo suprayogi Active Member

    Kalau pakai jetfly tambah cakep nih :love:
  2. mt

    mt Pensiun Dulu

    So the bike is done and I can't believe how GOOD this bike rides!!!!

    Of course any comparison is from memory so I may be mistaken, but here it is.

    I think first and foremost, is how incredibly similar the ride quality is to a carbon frame in terms of dampening the rough roads of Jakarta. Although disclaimer all the finishing parts that touch the body: saddle, seatpost, handlebar, and stem, are all carbon. Are they what makes the ride quality so good? No doubt they play a part. Will the frame ride as well if the finishing parts are standard aluminum? Probably not. How much of a difference? I really can't say. It's definitely not as comfortable as say the S-Works Roubaix and BMC TM01 in which both are carbon frame and carbon seatpost (though alloy saddle rails on both), but the Trek ALR with full carbon finishing parts damps road roughness better than my Argon Krypton carbon frame (carbon seatpost, but alloy saddle rails, alloy stem and handlebar). At the moment I'm still using the Fulcrum Quattro (all the reviews on this wheel seem to agree that it rides harsh) and if in the future I go to a carbon wheelset, I'd expect an even better improvement in road dampening. But I rode the Carbon Krypton with Zipp 303s and the Trek ALR with Fulcrum Quattros felt overall better in ride quality.

    ... to be continued.

    Saya beli dua wheelset, satunya Jetfly, satunya lagi Fulcrum Racing Quattro LG. Yg Jetfly belum datang, nanti saya cobain.
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  3. priyo suprayogi

    priyo suprayogi Active Member

    Mantap, ditunggu next stories
  4. piak

    piak Active Member

    Ini ceritanya suhu turun gunung.. bosen pukulin sandsack..
    Lebih seneng nginjek pedal

    Eh kok jadi oot
  5. mt

    mt Pensiun Dulu

    Hari ini I took the Emonda to Tarkam. Throughout the ride, I cannot believe how good the bike is. Tarkam route is generally smoother than the road I took when testing the bike yesterday and there is not one spot on the road when I wished I was on a carbon bike instead. And all these was with the supposedly "harsh" Fulcrum Quattros. If the wheelset is harsh, I really could not notice the harshness. The bike and wheelset combination is extremely good and I really don't have one point to complain about.

    Of course the tarkam route is not entirely smooth and on damaged sections there is nothingnshort of maybe a Carbon domane that will perform better. But on the majority of the route I keep on thinking how sweet the overall ride is.

    Though I chose a frame one size small than what I should be riding, on initial set up (10cm stem all the way up with 3cm spacers), the geometry is extremely relaxed. However as I was thinking about Tarkam, I kept on lowering the stem until I maxxed out the stem on the bottom and even then I still think I can do a tad lower (the current stem is a 12cm but it's a 0-degrees stem). After tarkam today, I also think that the seatpost is too low and so I still have some set-up to do. I'm guessing 1.5-2cm higher on the seatpost. This is for flat & high speed set up. I really can't comment on 100km rides cause I haven't done it, but judging from the extremely relaxed position with a 10cm stem and full spacers, I think I can definitely tackle a 100km Jakarta - Rindu Alam trip on this bike.

    The Ultegra groupset is of course marvellous, but if there is one praise I need to make it's the Token BB which though non-ceramic, is extremely good though a hairline more friction than thr VCRC ceramic BB on my BMC.

    The Fulcrum Quattro is so good I am considering upgrading the already excellent stock hub to some Ceramic Speeds, if they make some for Fulcrums.

    In short I totally recommend this Trek ALR / Fulcrum Quattro combo. I do have to say that when I first got the wheel, I put 100/110psi into it and at those pressures I do feel road vibrations transferred, though I would not call it "harsh" but it was definitely not comfy either. I let some air out and now the feel is perfect, though I haven't checked with the pump on the current air pressure level. I'm guessing 80-90psi range.

    Initially I had plan to get a Mavic Cosmic carbon or Vision Metron carbon wheelset but now I think I'd rather save the money for something else. I also have a Novatec Jetfly on the way. I'll do a comparison when I get it.

    Last edited: Oct 20, 2016
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  6. ch00bzs

    ch00bzs Well-Known Member

    Welcome back om MT and welcome to the aluminati

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  7. mt

    mt Pensiun Dulu

    Thanks Chris.

    I still cannot believe how good this bike rides. Selama tarkam, I didn't think any of the carbon bike guys had any advantage over me. Bener2 joss nih Emonda ALR. :karate:
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  8. rykusmo

    rykusmo Active Member

    kalo baru 100km masih nyaman om.. tapi kalo udah diatas 200km pinggang mau patah rasanya :oops:
    minggu pertama oktober saya nyobain bogor tangkuban perahu pp https://www.strava.com/activities/738359536 pake emonda alr... buat nanjak enak banget.. buat turunan attacking corner juga sedap.. tapi kalo kena jalan rusak... berasa harsh nya kalo dibanding lynskey rouleur.. sekian review newbie:sob:

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  9. lawyerone

    lawyerone Active Member

    Fix, next frame alloy lagih :D

    Thanks om udah coba bandingin dari memory om :D

    Stiffness gimana om? Kalah ga sama Krypton??? Hahahhahaa

    Asik nih kayaknya, semoga iman tabah dehhh menghadapi godaan :')
  10. mt

    mt Pensiun Dulu

    I really don't feel the ALR to be less in any department to the Krypton. In fact, the impression is slightly stiffer, maybe the Fulcrum Quattro is stiffer than the Zipp 303.
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  11. priyo suprayogi

    priyo suprayogi Active Member

    Hasil latihan boxing nih ;)
  12. ferdiandriska

    ferdiandriska Well-Known Member

    Manthab review nya om Mike,
    Never yet find someone who is not satisfied with the frame and it's obviously looks gorgeous!

    Welcome back !

  13. Bourbon2008

    Bourbon2008 Active Member

    Maaf om,kl boleh tau berat frame saja dan frame+fork berapa ya..

    lg berburu frame alu jg.. sementara baru kepikiran allez e5 dan cad10.. liat ini jg pengen jg

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  14. hansadhitya

    hansadhitya Well-Known Member

    BTW seinget saya waktu di BAB, las-lasan frame alu baru Trek cukup rapih juga, mungkin setingkat dengan Spesh Smartweld (apa malah lebih rapi ya, hmm).
    Last edited: Oct 20, 2016
  15. Soekotjock

    Soekotjock Active Member

    Oom @mt nanya donk
    Emonda ALR ini udh pake IsoSpeed Decoupler belom ya?
    Seinget gw klo yg carbon kan pake isospeed decoupler di seatpost sama di headtube
    Trs ada lagi yg cuma di seatpost
    Nah yg alu punya oom mt pake nggak oom?
  16. lawyerone

    lawyerone Active Member

    1639gr om untuk size 54, ada di post om mt di page one, hehehehe.

    Caad12 sekalian om, katanya jauh lebih nyaman dan lebih stiff dari caad10 :D
    Tapi wow jual framenya mahal sih, 18 :')
  17. saiberian

    saiberian Active Member

    Yang pakai Domane om. Seri endurance-nya Trek.
  18. Bourbon2008

    Bourbon2008 Active Member

    thanks om infonya,gak teliti pas baca lewat HP :)
    berarti frame doang mungkin sekitar 1100-1200-an ya beratnya.
    Pesaing Pilihan dengan berat segitu dari merk yg low budget ya mosso 790 pro di 1,200gr lebih ringan 100grm dari berat 791tca (frame only, size 50) dan kabar baiknya saya cek malam ini ternyata frame moss0 790 pro ini sudah masuk di web resmi mosso,Selanjutnya disusul sama Allez E5 (nyari ukuran 52 sulit banget),lalu cad 10 dan cad 12. Untuk merk BMC sudah lama saya tidak melihatnya..
    Agak bingung juga milih yang mana :) ..
    Last edited: Oct 20, 2016
  19. lawyerone

    lawyerone Active Member

    Di bawah 1,1 om both Caad12 dan Emonda ALR, kalo kata om mt cuma beda 60gr dibanding Emonda yang Low End Carbon. Kalo saya liat juga Caad12 sama S6 Evo mid modulus carbon beratnya 11-12 juga, beda tipis.

    Tapi yah kalo buat saya sih 200gr ga ngefek sih, saya bukan weight weeny soalnya :'). Cuman katanya feel Emonda ALR sama Caad12 itu yang... Hahahahah

    Gatau sih mosso gimana, ga pernah coba dan ga pernah baca reviewnya juga om hahahaha
  20. priyo suprayogi

    priyo suprayogi Active Member

    kalau alu nya giant, canyon, bmc, dll gmn om dibanding ALR?

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