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Novatec Jetfly

Discussion in 'Review Perlengkapan Sepeda Balap' started by FunRunner, Mar 5, 2015.

  1. ferdiandriska

    ferdiandriska Well-Known Member

    Ditunggu review nya om Mike -)

  2. Budi santoso

    Budi santoso New Member

    Naksir tapi kok bikin pegel2 ya. :confused:
  3. mt

    mt Pensiun Dulu

    Baru mendarat..

    Ini pelek cakep bener yah.... cuman kalo cakep doang tapi riding nya nggak oke ya ga guna juga.

    Test drive report nyusul yah.

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  4. mt

    mt Pensiun Dulu

    More photos

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  5. priyo suprayogi

    priyo suprayogi Active Member

    Ditunggu review nya om
  6. mt

    mt Pensiun Dulu

    Novatec Jetflly vs Fulcrum Racing Quattro LG

    I didn't have time to weigh the Fulcrum Quattro LG with no tyres, but I did weigh the Novatec Jetfly with no tires and no QR skewers and the weight was 1440grams. Now, with the tires and casette installed (though different types), the rough difference between the two sets are ~200-300grams with the Fulcrum being the heavier one.

    My personal weight is 77-78kg.

    This impression is based on a short ride of approximately 20km.

    The Novatec is on a tubeless set up with Schwalbe One Tubeless, 700x23, 2oz of Stan's sealant.
    The Fulcrum is on a Panasonic Panaracer Evo2 A (clincher), 700x23, standard Maxxis inner tubes.

    Running between clinchers and tubelesss, the difference in air pressures was about 20psi (80/80 vs 100/100) when I started the ride. Felt both to be too harsh for bad Jakarta roads and so I deflated them with just pure feeling until I get the right balance. I don't have a tire pressure reader but we can assume that they both were probably at 70/70 for the tubeless and 90/90 for the clinchers.

    The general characteristics is that the Fulcrum is the stiffer and more direct wheelset while the Novatec is the softer and more ride-compliant wheelset. Both are good wheelsets and I'd have no problems taking both wheelsets for a crit-style racing. They perform well, period.

    The Fulcrum, while stiffer and less compliant, is pretty good at the right tire pressure and tire combination. In fact, I find the Fulcrum/Panaracer combo to be overall better for ride quality compared to the Novatec/Schwalbe combination. In the case of the Novatec/Schwalbe, I would sum up as: Nice wheels, hard tires. The Schwalbes One Tubeless are good in terms of performance, but the casing is definitely very stiff and hard, and even after deflating it, I still don't enjoy the feeling of riding on them. The tires are very hard and non compliant, and also not very supple on the road.

    At the current set up, I would give the Fulcrum/Panaracer an 8.4 overall score with the Novatec/Schwalbe at 7.8. Something like the Zipp 303 FC Tubular/Continental Sprint would be around 8.9, just to give a relative score.

    I do plan to try a different tyre on the Novatec and with the right tire, I think the Novatec should come out to be better than Fulcrum/Panaracer. I plan try them with some wider Veloflex Corsas 700x25 (clinchers).

    The hub on both wheelsets are good but I can't help feeling that the Novatec has a slightly more free-rolling hub. The better hub, with perhaps the wider and fatter "Zipp FC-like" rims profile contributing better aerodynamics than the more traditionally shaped fulcrum rims, the Novatec seems to hold speed better than the Fulcrum. Acceleration, meanwhile felt superior on the Fulcrums and considering that club rides requires a lot of accelerations for attacking, closing gaps, breakaways, and the rest mostly "hiding" on the peloton, makes the Fulcrum the wheel set I would choose for club rides.

    The Novatec, meanwhile, with the right supple tire, I think can be a better long distance-touring wheelset. But again, if you are planning strictly to go long distance, then you'd probably can find a more endurance oriented wheelset with even better ride quality.

    Both the Novatec and Fulcrums are good wheelsets though I see the potential of the Novatec scoring an overall higher score with the right tires. The cheaper retail price (Rp4jt Novatec vs Rp5jt Fulcrum), and the lighter weight of the Novatec by 200grams (that puts the Novatec as lighter than even the Zipp 303 FC Clincher at 1625 grams and close to the 303 FC Tubular at 1390 grams!) add more winning points to the Novatec. However, one thing that I always consider is resale value and I think the Fulcrums is probably the better one there considering the far bigger brand name compared to Novatec (people know Novatec for hubs, not wheelsets).

    Graphics wise, I like the more aggressive Fulcrums than the more understated Novatec. However both looks really nice and I certainly like the look of both wheelsets on my bike.


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  7. ferdiandriska

    ferdiandriska Well-Known Member

    Again, thanks review komparasi nya om Mike,
    One question, which one is better when it comes to maintain speed?

  8. priyo suprayogi

    priyo suprayogi Active Member

    Saya suka tampilannya pke fulcrum, jadi ingin coba :love:
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  9. mt

    mt Pensiun Dulu

    Dua2nya bagus dan karena saya belum sempat cobain Jetflynya untuk tarkam, I think I'd rather wait until I have the chance to.

    I have changed the tires to clinchers Veloflex Corsa 700x25. Will give it a try tomorrow and see how it rides with this.
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  10. priyo suprayogi

    priyo suprayogi Active Member

    Siap menerima schwalbe one :oops:
  11. ferdiandriska

    ferdiandriska Well-Known Member

    Looking forward om Mike !

  12. mt

    mt Pensiun Dulu

    Hari ini saya muter pake Novatec Jetfly & Veloflex Corsa 700x25 (Clincher).

    Before I discuss the Jetfly, I want to talk a little about the Veloflex Corsa which turns out to be a star of the show today. First of all this is a very2 nice tire (Sepeda Kita, 650rb each) with excellent suppleness. Supple as in lentur, kaya sandal swallow gitu empuk. It's a very light tire (I weigh it, 200grams for 700x25) and supposedly when paired with a Latex inner tube, gives an almost tubular-like feel. I don't doubt it. I had used it with a standard Maxxis inner and I think it's more supple than my Continental Sprint tubular. Rolling resistance is also very low and unlike the notoriously slippery-in-the-wet Ultremo ZX, the Corsa has much better stability in the wet than the ZX. Added with the suppleness, this has become perhaps the best high-performance tire I've tried.

    If you look up the user reviews on Wiggle, it has roughly 65 reviews with 4.25/5.00 rating. The review falls into two extremes of five stars and one stars, which the one stars mostly due to the tire having a defective sidewall, puncture issues and so on. I don't know why that is, other than if you read a lot of user reviews on tires, almost every high performance tires always have its share of people who gives 1-stars due to punctures. Personally I've always had good luck with just about any high performance tire in that I rarely get a flat, so these 1-stars don't really bother me.

    With the soft-supple 700x25 Corsa running at 80/80 psi, straight out of the house I didn't feel like I needed to deflate the tire like I did yesterday with the 700x23 Schwalbe One Tubeless. It was almost perfect. After some kilometers, I did take out a tiny bit of air out of the front tire and it was smoother but the tire felt to be slower. So, 80/80psi I think is perfect for me.

    Like I suspected, the culprit yesterday was the concrete-like sidewall of the Schwalbe Tubeless and with the the Veloflex Corsa, the Jetfly turned into a nice smooth riding pair of wheels that I would not doubt to take into long distance rides. There probably are even smoother riding wheelsets especially if you start to go into carbon ones, but I really don't mind settling with the Jetfly. This is a much smoother and comfortable wheelset compared to the Fulcrum Quattro LG. I also like the fact that the subtle Veloflex logo matches well with the subtle Jetfly graphics.

    The more I ride the Jetfly, the more I got more impressed with the quality of the hubs. It rolls very, very well. Though the Quattro LG has good hubs, the Jetfly Novatec hubs rolls more freely than even my old Fulcrum One. I think this is just a tad below my Zipp 808 hub. It is very very impressive and definitely above its Rp4,000,000 price tag.

    The spokes are nice and stiffness is decent, below the Fulcrum Quattro, Fulcrum One, but about the same as the Zipp 808. So again, you're getting good value here considering the price. Despite the below the Fulcrum stiffness, with my 78kg body weight sprinting out of the saddle, I really don't feel it to be a "noodle" wheel. The Fulcrums are better and so for races and Tarkam, but for everything else, I think the Jetfly would be preferable due to the softer ride quality.

    I still haven't had the chance to take the Jetfly to a high-speed ride, but I did ride the Jetfly to push against some headwind today and this is where I would try to answer the question "Which is better for maintaining speed" (@ferdiandriska). Due to the more free flowing hub of the Jetfly, if you're not pushing against wind (drafting, or tailwind situation), the Jetfly is better. But when you're pushing against wind and need to put wattages on every pedal stroke, I would go for the Fulcrum with its more direct power transfer that gives me the impression of less power loss to the wheels. Of course at this rim height (35-Quattro, 32-Jetfly), I think aerodynamics is more determined by body position than anything else.

    Hope the review helps when deciding your purchase.


    Nanti gw PM ya kalo yg ngantri pertama nggak jadi.

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  13. ferdiandriska

    ferdiandriska Well-Known Member

    Thanks for your review om Mike,
    It's enlightenment!

  14. lawyerone

    lawyerone Active Member

    Jadi intinya ini WS yang enteng dan nyaman yah om kalo dibandingin sama harganya :D

  15. Soekotjock

    Soekotjock Active Member

    Cool review oom @mt
    Cuma klo novatec jetfly udh tubeless ready ya?
    Klo fulcrum quattro LG msh clincher biasa y?

    Btw lebih lebar mana profil ban nya oom klo ban yg sama dipasang diantara 2 ws itu?
  16. priyo suprayogi

    priyo suprayogi Active Member

    Kalau buat crit atau tarkam berarti lebih garang fulcrum nya y?
  17. mt

    mt Pensiun Dulu

    Beratnya dan hub nya bisa dibilang diatas rata2 wheelset harga 4jt. Kalo dari segi nyaman, mungkin masih bisa cari wheelset lain yang lebih nyaman untuk harga serupa, cuman saya belum ada pengalaman.

    Ya, I think so.

    Ya, Jetfly sudah tubeless ready. Fulcrum nggak mention tubeless sama sekali.
    Jetfly lebih lebar rim nya. Kalo ban yg sama saya belum coba sih antara dua wheelset tsb.
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  18. Soekotjock

    Soekotjock Active Member

    Ok thx infonya oom...
  19. piak

    piak Active Member

    time to put those badasses tire to fulcrum sir!!
  20. arsenal4

    arsenal4 Atlit Jombang Crit

    saya juga pakai jetfly..
    ringan, suaranya enak, dan enak buat akselerasi.. sangat ok jika dibandingkan harganya.. [​IMG]

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