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Discussion in 'Fixie dan Track' started by dxtr, Dec 26, 2013.

  1. dxtr

    dxtr Peternak Sepeda

    Berawal dari keracunan FG, jadi terdampar di google melihat kata NJS bermunculan di berbagai forum sepeda FG. Tertarik untuk mengetahui hal tersebut lebih lanjut, maka saya coba googling, namun informasi yang didapatkan hanya sepotong-sepotong dari setiap site.

    Mungkin ada juga cyclist seperti saya yang membutuhkan informasi mengenai parts dengan logo NJS, namun kesulitan untuk mendapatkan informasinya secara lengkap, itulah alasan saya membuat thread ini. Ok, tidak perlu panjang lebar, berikut adalah artikel tentang NJS yang saya dapatkan dari berbagai sumber di internet. Enjoy.

    The JKA Foundation (財団法人JKAZaidanhōjin JKA) is the regulating body for pari-mutuel keirin and auto race competitions in Japan. Nihon Jitensha Shinkōkai(日本自転車振興会?, lit. Japan Bicycle Promotion Association), orJapan Keirin Association, often abbreviated NJS. Today the present JKA is responsible for fostering Japan's bicycle industry and regulating keirin racing in Japan.

    In addition to licensing keirin racers, the association sets specifications for frames and parts such as wheel size, spoke count, frame geometry, weight and material of components, and every component must have the NJS stamp of approval. They must be built by a certified builder using NJS-approved materials. These requirements were established in 1957 in an attempt to prevent any racers from having equipment-related advantages. For example, 36 spoke wheels are allowed but not 32, although 32 spoke wheels are typically lighter, and frames must be built by a very limited number of approved builders.

    Because the foundation's main objective is supporting the Japanese cycling market, its bureaucracy is notoriously critical of foreign manufacturers attempting to enter the Japanese market. The list of approved component and frame suppliers consists almost exclusively of Japanese companies. The Italian cycling equipment manufacturer Campagnolo has, though, received keirin racing certification.

    A common misconception regarding certification is that it is a mark of quality, when in fact it is simply a mark of standardization; parts stamped with the NJS logo have become fashionable in recent years with some Western cyclists. It's a bit like owning a numbered limited production run of a piece of art. By the way, N.J.S. threading and sizing standards are generally the same as for Campagnolo track parts.

    Here’s some list of parts and frame builders accept a NJS approved :

    1. SUGINO TECHINO (SUGINO CYCLE INDUSTRIES, Ltd) (BB axle, Cranks, Chainrings, Cogs)

    2. SHIMANO (BB axle,Cranks,Chainrings, Cogs, Seat post, Hubs, Head fittings)

    3. HATTA (BB axle, Head fittings)

    4. NITTO (Bars, Stems, Seat posts)

    5. KYOKUTO INDUSTRIES, Ltd (Pedals)

    6. MIKASHIMA (Pedals, Toe clips, Clip bands, Chain tugs)

    7. MINOURA (Toe clips)

    8. DAIDO (D.I.D.) (Chain)

    9. HOKOKU H.K.K. CHAIN (Chain)

    10. IZUMI CHAIN (Chain)

    11. FUJITOSHI (Clip bands)

    12. ASAHI SPOKES (Spokes)

    13. TSUKIBOSHI SPOKE (Spokes)

    14. HOSHISPOKE (Spokes)

    15. KASHIMA SADDLE (Saddles)

    16. ARAYA RIMS (Rims)

    17. TOKYO SEIBYOSYO (Chain tugs)

    18. DAIWABO (Tubular Tire)

    19. TANGE SEIKI (Head fittings)

    20. SAKAE RINGYO (Cranks, Chainrings, Seat posts)

    21. ARIAKE (Saddles)

    22. FUJITA SADDLE (Saddles)

    23. SUNSHIN (Hubs, Cogs)

    24. SUZUE (Hubs)

    25. SUNTOUR MAEDA INDUSTRIES, Ltd (BB axle, Cranks, Chainrings, Cogs, Seat post, Hubs, Head fittings, Pedals)

    26. CAMPAGNOLO (Keirin for NJS track parts)
    CAMPAGNOLO was withdrawn from the NJS standard in 2007. (BB axle, Cranks, Chainrings, Cogs, Seat post, Hubs, Head fittings, Pedals, Toe clips)

    27. CINELLI(Keirin for NJS track parts) CINELLI was withdrawn from the NJS standard many years ago. (Saddles,Bars,Stems)

    NJS Keirin track frames(36 builders/2006)




    4. MAKINO


    6. LEVANT



    9. RAP

    10. LEVEL


    12. PLOCION

    13. PROTON

    14. BARAMON

    15. VIVALO (Withdrawn form NJS approved in 2007)

    16. NAMBEI

    17. EIMEI


    19. UMEZAWA

    20. SAMSON


    22. ANDA WELL

    23. GEORAMA

    24. CIVLAS

    25. VOGUE

    26. IRIBE

    27. MAEDA

    28. OSCA

    29. OHTAKI

    30. STRATOS

    31. GIRO

    32. BOMBER PRO

    33. ERBA

    34. PRESTO

    35. M-IDEA

    36. LIGHTNNING (2007,maybe finished)

    Keirin frames are characterized by their artisan craftsmanship and superior quality, made specifically fit to the geometry of each racer. Many builders require long waiting lists due to the aging craftsmen’s output of fewer than 10 frames per month. For this reason, most NJS frames are bought second hand from Japan, where they are sold due to racer crashes or usually decommissioned after a certain number of races, where they are resold to the hungry hordes of velophiles globally. These frames are generally in well enough to good condition, but are let go of because of small dents and dings. By the way, Kaisei tubing is an official NJS tubeset, used extensively for NJS Keirin racing applications.

    New frames can be bought of course, but are much more expensive and hard to come by. Panasonic has recognized and began catering to the growing American customer base, so their frames are arguably the easiest to acquire new in the states. Should you choose to build on an NJS frame, remember that they are made for the track, and while durable and agile, should be treated with care and respect. On the venerable Italian side of things, Colnago, and Campagnolo also make NJS quality (although not technically certified) frames, which bill at prices comparable to those manufactured by the Japanese. If you interest to have one, start with this site : http://www.njs-export.com/








    updates, any information, and discussions are welcome
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  2. dxtr

    dxtr Peternak Sepeda

    About Kaisei tubings

    Kaisei tubing is a direct descendent of Ishiwata, a Japanese company that established a significant reputation in the market for high-end steel bicycle tubing in the 1970's and 1980's. When Ishiwata closed its doors in 1993, Kaisei became home to many of Ishiwata's most experienced employees and also took over its butted tube manufacturing process. Kaisei currently holds a 60 per cent share of Japan's elite Keirin frame building market. For spesifications and brochure, please visit this link http://www.bikeschool.com/store/index.cgi?sp=kaisei

    About Nitto
    NITTO's motto is "Building fine quality bicycle products is our passion." All products must be safe and functional in terms of their purpose and usage, yet beautiful and sturdy. NITTO strives every day to bring joy to the world of cycling.

    NITTO was founded in Tokyo on February 11, 1923. As the size of the company increased, it built three more plants in the metropolitan Tokyo area, and began to operate a total of four plants. In 1972, which was the 50th anniversary year of its founding, NITTO constructed another plant in Nihonmatsu City, Fukushima Prefecture, and also relocated the existing four plants.

    Over the past 80 years, the company has received several awards from ministers of Japanese ministries, namely the Japanese Ministry of Commerce and Industry, the Ministry of International Trade and Industry, and the Ministry of Labor.

    NITTO's handlebars, handlebar stems and seat pillars for track races are certified for use in official Japanese KEIRIN races. In addition to its already highly acclaimed handlebars, handlebar stems and seat pillars, the company now develops other bicycle parts made of metal tubes, such as frames, carriers and various accessories at the plants in Fukushima. NITTO strives to translate the company's motto into its day-to-day management activities.

    You can check NITTO products in this link :



    About MKS
    I saw many sellers in Indonesia sell MKS pedals, majority the sylvan type with or without their toeclips. MKS was a NJS approved on pedal, toeclip, chain tug and many little parts correlation with pedals, like spanner, spacer, etc. For detail information you can check this link :

    About Sugino

    Sugino is a Japanese manufacturer of road and track bicycle components, founded in Nara, Japan, in 1910. It made a variety of cycling components, including cranksets and chainrings. Sugino was got NJS approved in crank, chainring, cog, and bottom bracket. In Indonesia, Sugino messenger crank was very popular, although that price was horrible :giggle:.

    For detail information, please visit this link :



    About Bridgestone

    The Bridgestone Cycle Co Ltd originated in 1949. It offers bicycles under its own brand and under the Anchor brand. At one time, Bridgestone marketed bicycles under the name Kabuki.

    The U.S. marketing director of the Bicycle division, Grant Petersen, developed a reputation for resisting popular trends in the bicycle industry and instead followed his own personal philosophy of building dependable and comfortable bicycles. Peterson applied this approach to Rivendell Bicycle Works after Bridgestone stopped marketing bicycles in the U.S.

    The company was an innovator in the nascent mountain bike scene, designing mountain bikes with shorter chain-stays and steeper frame angles than then popular. This made it more nimble and a better climber.

    Anchor brand bicycle in a Japanese store

    Bridgestone is currently building frames in Japan for keirin track racing under Nihon Jitensha Shinkokai approved standards. It is currently producing non-NJS frames for the Japanese market as well. In Japan, it is known as a manufacturer of utility, mountain and (under the brand name Anchor) road racing bikes.

    Emm, it’s a hard to seek any information about Bridgestone NJS bike, specially from their own website !!, hahaha, I cant see any NJS frames on their site. Just try to collect a data pieces by pieces from google. Maybe its not fulfilled your (me) need/satisfaction, but that’s all I got from now, sorry.

    Check information in this link below




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  3. hmdns

    hmdns #LookProGoSlow

    Nah pas nih ada topik tentang NJS. Berhubung saya lagi pake frame NJS, pengen ikutan nimbrung disini juga deh...

    Tambahin info juga buat teman2 disini yang agak kesulitan nyari barang2 NJS (frame, hub, handlebar set, dll) bisa hubungi (via twitter) :
    @rideNJS - http://ridenjs.tumblr.com/

    Oke silahkan dilanjut artikelnya, om @dxtr sementara saya pantau dulu sambil nyerap ilmu baru...
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  4. joshua08

    joshua08 Well-Known Member

    NJS itu hebat...saya suka dengan kultur sakral dan respect di Keirin,
    amat sangat menghormati sepeda NJS..mereka harus hormat membungkuk 45derajat "Saikeirei" sbelum bertanding.
    budaya yang harus dicontoh.., Salute!
  5. dxtr

    dxtr Peternak Sepeda

    pantau terus post 2, masih akan di-update
    biar enak bacanya :D
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  6. dxtr

    dxtr Peternak Sepeda

    ---for update------
  7. hmdns

    hmdns #LookProGoSlow

    Nah kebetulan ada tambahan kalimat sakti dari om @joshua08 , saya SETUJU om.

    (sekalian buat intro deh...punten ya om @dxtr saya nambahin lagi sediki )
    Itulah salah satu tujuan saya dan kawan saya @rideNJS membentuk #IndoNJS,
    dimana (khususnya) frame NJS disini bukannya di-dewa-kan, tapi teman2 dari #IndoNJS ini saya harap bisa lebih berusaha menghargai sejarahnya, menghargai kerja keras yang telah dikeluarkan para builder frame NJS ini, dan menghargai jasa para Keirin rider yang sampai saat ini masih menggunakan (kata orang2) "frame besi tua" ini.

    *dokumentasi bulan April 2013 @ Taman Menteng, Jakarta. (jaman sepeda saya masih Bridgestone Anchor merah - sebelum yang ungu sekarang)
    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    karena selama ini saya melihat para pengguna frame2 bersejarah ini (maaf) gowesnya "sembunyi-sembunyi", entah minder atau malah (parahnya) mengeksklusifkan diri (amit2 jabang bayi klo ini). Alhamdulillah sejak dicetus sekitar bulan Maret 2013 kemarin, lingkaran kecil2an ini mulai bisa "mengeluarkan" sejatinya sebuah solidaritas, ngumpul bareng, gowes bareng sesama penikmat NJS dan tentunya juga dengan penikmat sepeda lainnya.

    Biasanya sih gowesnya tiap Sabtu pagi, open for all kind of bicycle, yang mau gabung ikutan gowes monggoooo~ :D
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  8. dxtr

    dxtr Peternak Sepeda

    nicee om hmdns, looks good and beauty

    Yang saya suka dari NJS/Keirin regulation was, mereka meminimalisir teknologi dalam race, sehingga faktor mayoritas yang menentukan seorang racer di Keirin mendapatkan gelar juara adalah racernya itu sendiri, bukan sepedanya.

    Purity seperti itu yang membuat olahraga kembali ke dasarnya, superioritas pelakunya, bukan alatnya. Jika faktor alat yang berperan lebih penting maka hanya pemilik modal besar saja yang bisa menang, itu balapan alat atau manusia ? hehehhe

    Seperti di F1 atau Moto GP, pemodal besar menang terus, yang kere cuma jadi pemanis aja, Unfair.

    Momen ini (mengenal fixie) juga datang di saat yang tepat, saya sudah mulai jenuh menyimak dan memperhatikan banyak cyclist yang spend money gila-gilaan buat perlengkapannya, semuanya untuk satu tujuan, speed and prestige. Friendly race pake sepeda puluhan juta menang lawan cyclist yang pake sepeda 3 jutaan rasanya bangga banget, hahahha. Lucu.

    Yang kalah bakalan ngumpat, kalo sepeda gw sama kaya elo, pasti gw bisa menang, etc.

    Shitty things sepperti itu yang bikin saya realize, hey, i must win or get higher speed depends on me (Body), not my parts.

    Akhirnya semangat memiliki fixie tereduce jadi cheap but fast, not bigger money and fast. Semacam rebellion spirits di kondisi saat ini.

    Its my opinion, how about you ?
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  9. hmdns

    hmdns #LookProGoSlow

    Alhamdulillah 2 tahun main FG ga pernah terbesit pikiran tentang mahal/murah.
    Saya mah niatnya bangun sepeda ya buat olahraga, that's it.

    Klo dikerucut jadi soal fixie, tujuannya awal mula track-bike yang dialihkan ke jalan raya ini kan karena simplisitasnya. Justru dengan budget minim, kita udah bisa punya sepeda yang bisa dipake olahraga. Just sayin'....


    Okaaay, kembali ke NJS.
    Buat yang doyan belanja dari luar Indo dan pengen "nyicip" NJS, monggo :
    http://www.tracksupermarket.com/ <~ ga hanya NJS, part2 lain juga ada seputaran track-bike
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  10. dxtr

    dxtr Peternak Sepeda

    hehehe, sory, curcol-nya mungkin menyinggung beberapa orang.
    Saya hanya mengapresiasi NJS regulation, kebetulan saya sekarang ini sepaham dengan regulasi mereka:cool:, lelah jadi bulan-bulanan kapitalis, more aero, more light, bla, bla, bla, yup they're gonna make your wallet more aero and more light:giggle:
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  11. dxtr

    dxtr Peternak Sepeda

    banyak barang-barang NJS di dua situs tersebut, harganya:eek:
    bener2 piece of arts
  12. hmdns

    hmdns #LookProGoSlow

    Pengen curcol juga ah kaya om @dxtr

    Pernah nemu satu postingan di suatu forum sepeda luar kaya gini :
    When will people realize that NJS is AN APPROVAL, NOT a QUALITY RATING ?!
    I'm not saying NJS approved components aren't quality. I'm saying the people who lose their minds over NJS stamp, disregard components of equal or better quality just because they are not NJS.

    Nah ini buat early warning aja bagi teman2 yang mau nyari barang2 NJS. Kita boleh menghargai NJS dari sisi sejarah & adatnya, tapi bukan berarti mendewakan!
    Cap 3 huruf itu cuma approval dari federasi sepeda jepang agar bisa ikut berkompetisi di balap keirin. Seperti yang om @dxtr bilang di postingan sebelumnya, faktor yang menentukan kemenangan di balapan keirin itu kualitas RACERnya, bukan part NJS-nya.

    Makanya ada beberapa orang yang sering nanya ke saya "Bro kok sepedanya ga dibikin full NJS aja? Kan framenya udah NJS", lalu dengan simple saya jawab "Buat apa?" hahaha
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  13. dxtr

    dxtr Peternak Sepeda

    Sepertinya mis-persepsi itu terjadi karena ada kasus dimana Campagnolo perlu berkali-kali mengajukan ijin ke JKA/NJS untuk memasarkan parts mereka kepada Keirin racer, orang menganggap bahwa quality parts dari Compagnolo-lah yang membuat parts mereka perlu berkali-kali diuji sebelum di approve oleh JKA/NJS.

    Pada akhirnya Campagnolo juga out of bussiness dari Keirin, jika tidak salah sekitar tahun 2007.

    dan early warning juga, ada yang mungkin bertanya "Parts ada logo NJS-nya itu bagus atau tidak ?"
    jawabnnya adalah "Parts yang ada logo NJS-nya itu (pernah) bagus"

    you know what i mean:giggle:
  14. hmdns

    hmdns #LookProGoSlow

  15. setzz

    setzz Well-Known Member

    Kirain sugino itu merk lokal om @dxtr

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  16. tato

    tato Well-Known Member

    thread ini racunnya cukup kuat... :suicide:
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  17. arsenal4

    arsenal4 Atlit Jombang Crit

    :)) ia benar... buatan sidoarjo
  18. andytio

    andytio Fat Cyclist

    buat saya NJS di baca nya "ngeces " ........ mahaaaallll oiii.. haha
  19. dxtr

    dxtr Peternak Sepeda

  20. dxtr

    dxtr Peternak Sepeda

    kenapa om ? mulai ngiler liat frame njs ?:giggle:
    dinikmati aja om proses keracunan-nya

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