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Hallo here

Discussion in 'English Language Forum' started by 0600661160, Jan 5, 2013.

  1. Ary

    Ary The Locomotive

    Hi hello, I'm not a "correct" english speaker, considering the grammar and vocabulary richness, but let's share a nice conversation here.

    Anyone that has opportunity to cycle at Semarang, don't hestitate to contact me.
  2. cygwin

    cygwin New Member

    Hi all.. i have been around few weeks ago in this forum. I think this is cool thread to re-introduce yourself, learn english and share the stories.

    Well.. I'm from surabaya but I've been working at Jakarta since 2005 and had a house at graha raya bintaro. Since past 2 years I have moved to Singapore with my wife and kid, but still quite often to go back to tangerang to visit my house there, I found that the food here is pretty boring for my Indonesian tounge. So.. that is one of the reason :giggle:. Thats enough about life story.

    Now lets talk about how do I fall in love with cycling especially MTB. First I do like sport to keep myself fit. I do gym, football, but not swimming because simply I only master at rock style:). About cycling, this is when I was still stay at tangerang one of my best friend try to "poison" me to cycling with MTB but that time I dont have "that" feeling till I moved to Singapore. My first bike was polygon xtrada 5, and my motivation was to explore singapore since I found out this country had better environment and better public facilities compare with our country. So, when my office mate buying an MTB bike, off course so am I heheh.. from that point onward I'm starting to fall in love with as there is pretty interesting MTB track to explore such as T15, Gangsa, Lorong Asrama, Chestnut, Bukit Timah, etc and nowadays become worse as I'm waiting my second bike that is Canyon Strive CF 8.0 an full suspension bike and one of my dream bike, I'm blessed to have this privilege. And from this point as well I found out our country has better MTB track even near my home at tangerang, cant wait to trash home country track :D. Do let me know if some of member here had same discipline, and staying at Singapore currently, lets cycling and catch pokemon together heheh.. That's my story.. how about you?

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