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Hallo here

Discussion in 'English Language Forum' started by 0600661160, Jan 5, 2013.

  1. Handy Chan

    Handy Chan New Member

    You're welcome Mike,

    Yes, Gmail beta does took few years before its finalized, even google chrome does took their time, but bear in mind that their logo and color are fix.
    Take chrome for an example, their beginning logo and the one we see now is the same, the different only when on trial test they used 2D and now the final one using 3D. Why? 'cause all people will associated the color and logo with the company.

    Well, in my opinion your forum do have a chance to became forum leader in cycling community as now in Indonesia don't have much forum that specialized in cycling news, talk, share, etc.
    So, building a brand image from the start is important, nevertheless this is just my opinion.
    You don't have to listen to every suggestion as too much information sure confusing ;)
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  2. mt

    mt Pensiun Dulu

    Well Gmail has a proper team with a graphic designer. Cycling Id is mostly a one man team from the start.

    Logo design is very personal to me and I don't want to come up with a rushed logo design job.

    Thanks Handy but let's not discuss this further.

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  3. 0600661160

    0600661160 Active Member

    Hallo there..
    Sorry I rarely posting to this forum. Because of the office bussiness and I need to travel a lot..
  4. jay05

    jay05 New Member

    hello there!good evening.jay05 here from the philippines!!
    looking forward on learning more of your hooby - biking.
  5. dxtr

    dxtr Peternak Sepeda

    welcome jay05, hope you enjoy this forum:cool:
  6. Mancastillo

    Mancastillo Wheel Sucker

    Mabuhay... Hello jay05!
    please share your experience of cycling, especially in the Philippines..

    btw, can you read and understand bahasa indonesia? i hope you do, if not, i'm afraid you can only understand this thread. because only this thread is in english.
  7. jay05

    jay05 New Member

    no sir!i cannot speak your language.i just came here in your country for a visit.presently here in baros, cimahi..by the way, do you know a place where i can buy second hand bikes (or parts)?tried your buy and sell section but some are already sold.thanks in advance!
    @dxtr - thanks for the welcome sir!
  8. dxtr

    dxtr Peternak Sepeda

    you can buy a brand new bike in rodalink, build a bike and others bike shop near in Cimahi, actually you must go to Bandung to found some bike shops
    if you want to buy some second bike/parts, you can go to bukalapak.com, theres a section to sell a bike "called 'sepeda' in bahasa indonesia"
    feel free to ask in here, we will try to help you:cool:
  9. Mancastillo

    Mancastillo Wheel Sucker

    I see... welcome to indonesia, hope you enjoy staying in indonesia!
    about bikeshop, i'm sorry, i have no idea where to find as currently i stay in Singapore for work. and i started my cycling hobby here.
    but as you can see, our bro @dxtr or our head moderator @mt know better about this. you can ask them anything about cycling in indonesia. :D
  10. 0600661160

    0600661160 Active Member

    why you don't try in this forum. Just open new thread. Post what kind of bike do you like and post your offering price.

    welcome to the club bro.. I hope you enjoy in here..
  11. Mancastillo

    Mancastillo Wheel Sucker

    Good suggestion..!!
    for @jay05, just open new thread, introduce yourself you that other member know who you are and understand that you can't speak bahasa indonesia. i believe most of our member can speak good english.
    just ask us if you need any help from us. we are a bunch of friendly people that have the same hobby (cycling).
    but if you want to open new thread, please make sure that you post in the right sub-forum.
  12. dxtr

    dxtr Peternak Sepeda

    good idea:D
  13. ch_cx

    ch_cx Bali 2014 Organiser

    Wow.. I just found out about this cool thread. Hi everyone! Good to know you all here and some in person. I live in BSD..quite convenient for cyclists where you can find many tracks and bike shops nearby..and most important thing..lots of food to choose for your post ride recovery stage.. :)
    I'm blessed of having a privilege to own bikes for off and on-road use. I switch to ride them regularly if the weather permits..if not then more time to browse and get in touch with the other forum's fellows..at least before the children wake up. I also like running..so if you know any duathlon events coming up, appreciate for sharing the info.
    Last edited: May 7, 2014
  14. 0600661160

    0600661160 Active Member

    welcome here ch_cx...
    I think plenty of our forum mates like to ride in Icon or foresta. Uhm.. normally mike, jev, yoga and angga.. Feel free to join...
  15. ardhie

    ardhie New Member

    Hi all, though I've been joining the forum for almost 2 weeks, but just now I finally open this thread :)
    Thanks to Om @0600661160 for starting this thread :D, from this thread we may know extra information/cycling background from the forum members, while on the other hand maybe it's already mention/describe in Bahasa on other thread..hehe..

    To Om @Mancastillo , unfortunately I was too late to know/read this thread, because last month I was going to SIN for the job.
    At the same time, I have hidden agenda to pick up my frame that I bought through direct email correspondent with Mr Lynten, from TR Bikes. Do know him or have you visit his bike shop? It's a good bike shop and become some of bike companies and parts' representatives, such as Surly, Soma, Velo, and soon. The price also good, well, if compare with in Indonesia ;)

    I think that's all from me now, Good Day everyone!!
  16. singkong

    singkong New Member

    hello all I'm new here. have been stalking in this forum for days and finally I decide to join here.

    I'm interested in bike on and off road riding but not much on the last mentioned.
  17. dxtr

    dxtr Peternak Sepeda

    Too late om Ardhie, Om Iman already leave Singapore a few months ago. Maybe you can send him a PM to get the answer.

    Welcome here om singkong, where do you live?
  18. singkong

    singkong New Member

    hi dxtr. I live in Jakarta.
  19. dxtr

    dxtr Peternak Sepeda

    Cool, did you ever ride in Sudirman-Thamrin or SCBD? Me and the others ride often in there.

    Moreover, i rode MTB too, have a home close to Jalur Jatiasih.

    Will be nice if we can meet and ride together.
  20. singkong

    singkong New Member

    Had ever ridden in JJ too about 3 years ago. Guided by my friend from K*sk@s. unfortunately I didn't have much time so I could only take a short course there.
    Last edited: May 30, 2014

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