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Hallo here

Discussion in 'English Language Forum' started by 0600661160, Jan 5, 2013.

  1. Mancastillo

    Mancastillo Wheel Sucker

    I wake up 4am every Tuesday and Thursday, because my group start at 5am and i need at least 20mins from my home to the meeting point. On Saturday, i wake up at 5am, but if i want to ride longer, i can wake up at 3.30. There's a bunch of crazy riders who start the ride at 4.40 and do "warm up" ride before go back again to the meeting point and start the normal ride at 6am.

    at first, we need strong motivation to do that, but after a while (if you love doing it) it can become a habits.
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  2. 0600661160

    0600661160 Active Member

    really you woke up that early? Wow.. My average woke up time is between 7 until 8. But maybe that one is my habit since 2 years ago. My class started at 9.
    And normally in winter there is no sunlight until 8 or 9. And In the summer the sun rises very early like 5.30 and sink like 10 pm or 11 pm..
  3. mt

    mt Pensiun Dulu

    Agreed it's not that difficult once you get used to it
  4. andytio

    andytio Fat Cyclist

    hehe.... this is roughly the "normal" schedule here. start at 7 and done by 9. with a little bit of chit chat.. u can go home at 10 or 11 sometimes. but the distance you cycle is only about 30-40 km .... if i am in my 60's or 70's, i don't mind. i mean, don't you have work to do or something ?
  5. mt

    mt Pensiun Dulu

    A bit too slow ya?
  6. andytio

    andytio Fat Cyclist

    for my portion, yes... more like fun bike rather than training. i don't mean like rigorous training, just a regular RPM doesn't even come close.
  7. 0600661160

    0600661160 Active Member

    did everyone training in this kind of weather. These days i think in arround Indonesia we had unpredicted weather.
    And did anyone in his place or her place got caught by an flood?
    For me I just play my MTB.. Whoaa with slippery mud and another adrenaline rush that was awesome..
  8. andytio

    andytio Fat Cyclist

    indoor training...
  9. dxtr

    dxtr Peternak Sepeda

    got a flood in my place :( (jatiasih)
    have a training on the last nigth
    take away so many things from 1st floor to second floor
    from books to double door refrigerator! ! hiks
  10. 0600661160

    0600661160 Active Member

    you are very strong man now..
    Jatiasih? Did you join with the PGCC club? Puri Gading cycling club?
  11. dxtr

    dxtr Peternak Sepeda

    hahahaha :D

    puri gading was close enough with my place, but i didnt joint with pgcc

    still cycling alone or with my parent

    cycling together to kota wisata or jalur jatiasih :)
  12. 0600661160

    0600661160 Active Member

    Did anyone ride today? I want to ride but I canĀ“t because some street near my place is still flooding..
  13. xherman

    xherman New Member

    hi all.
    I'm newbie just joint today.it's interesting to see this sub forum.hopefully i can improve my writing skill.pls somebody make it corrected when i go wrong.
    Coincidentally, i found this forum an hour ago. This night is very difficult to get sleep. Don't know why. So,i registered to this site after tried some keyword on searching engine about cycling forum.

    I used to ride hardtail mtb and folding bike.but hehehe recently the bike only park on the garage...:)
  14. xherman

    xherman New Member

    Is it close between jatiasih and jatimurni?
  15. dxtr

    dxtr Peternak Sepeda

    welcome to this forum xherman:p, why you just park your bike on the garage ? have no time to play or maybe youre a bike collector ?
    yes, youre right, i live on jatirasa, got around 2m flood, but now everything is under control:giggle:
  16. 0600661160

    0600661160 Active Member

    hello all..
    Its quite quiet here in some weeks after xherman came..
    Welcome to the english forum..
  17. immanuel bikes

    immanuel bikes New Member

    Hi Guys!

    I am a new member here and I immediately noticed that this thread attracted only a little attention due to the language barrier members mostly have when it comes to English.

    I bike to work and all I can recall is that riding bike is not a safe thing here. I have been pulled over by the speeding motorists or their horning because of my being too much slower than them. Yes, we can never be faster than them but they will yet learn that roads are not there only for them but the roads also belong to cyclist and the latter deserve the equal respect.

    So, when can we meet and greet? It'll be a lotta fun I'm sure.
  18. dxtr

    dxtr Peternak Sepeda

    hello om immanuel, welcome to cycling-id.com, a forum you can ask and share anything about bicycle

    if you say riding bike is not a safe thing in Jakarta, yes, youre right
    but for some people dangerous = fun:giggle:

    hahahha, skip it, its just a little joke

    i do b2w almost everyday and what i can say your statement is true

    but i think its not just riding a bicycle, but when you put yourself on the street, whether youre walk on pedestrian, riding motorcycle or driving a car thats a dangerous things too

    its because we have a lot of retard people who doesnt know or doesnt care about rules and ethic on the street

    when youre ride your bike on the street put in your mind your a cyclist and you have a same right like the others, why ? because if you looking weak, you will always be a victim on the street,

    someone say cyclist must always riding in a left path, yes youre 99% save but 100% slow:giggle:

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  19. Handy Chan

    Handy Chan New Member

    Hi y'all

    Just joint the forum and this thread caught an interest from me.
    I thought this is an English base conversation forum since the title is "Indonesian Cycling Forums" but apparently there's only one thread that using English as the communication basis, shouldn't it be changed to more Indonesians title, just my 2 cents anyway, no offense.

    Anyway, I read some of the post before and I do agree that in Indonesia cyclist is at no concern by the government at all.
    I couldn't blame them since in here bicycle just being re-known again because 'car free day' thing and need more time to educated motorist of cyclist right and vice-versa. Too many times I see that motorist behavior think that cyclist place is not in the road together with them and too many times also I see that cyclist think that all rules in the road don't apply to them.

    I must say that heaven for cyclist is in Europe, especially Holland, Norway, Belgium, Denmark. They are so friendly to cyclist, even in the train they have a special place for cyclist to put their bicycle, or in the public place they have a park special for bicycle. Oh, well back to the topic again.

    I start cycling when I was small with 2 support wheel in behind and I guess most of you too.
    bmx is my next bicycle and start to ride MTB when I was in high school.
    From my experience MTB hybrid is the best bike for ride in Bandung area since the land contour is mountainous and the road condition is not so smooth.
    And yes the best time to ride a bike in city area is in the morning since we don't want to caught by pollution specifically from vehicles.
    I usually start at 5 and finish before 8 every sunday, I never check the altitude but the uphill part always took me around 1'15" to 1'45" and for the down hill part usually only took 30-45" cause when I go down I can reach 58-62km/h, so 42km is my routine route.

    Anyone of you from bandung area also? we could catch up and see the real person, its much more fun.
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  20. mt

    mt Pensiun Dulu

    Thanks Handy for the input.
    "Forum Sepeda Indonesia" does sound better than "Indonesian Cycling Forum".

    I'll change the logo subtitle when I have some free time.

    NB: Regarding the logo design, these are all still in a Beta phase, and they're still open to future revisions. Hence, yes sometimes they can be inconsistent but I think that's okay since I haven't decided the current logo to be the final, official logo. Design is not an easy thing and I don't want to rush into fixing an official logo for the forum. For the moment we just need a temporary logo and the one right now works just fine.

    Actually, I think the whole forum is still in a Beta phase. The Forum structure, the way we set up the rules, etc etc. This way we can continue to evolve the forum structure, logos, etc until we get the most optimum set up. And even then we're still open to future revisions. There is no need to go official anytime soon.

    I think Gmail was in Beta for quite a few years before they finally went official.


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