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Cycling in central Jawa: di mana?

Discussion in 'English Language Forum' started by vindalooman, Nov 24, 2014.

  1. setzz

    setzz Well-Known Member

    hi, think there is no such bike rental in solo. it would be great if you can bring your own bike, and contact some rider here eg. @diablovampiro (the tawangmangu cemoro sewu keeper) or @john
  2. Marto

    Marto New Member

    Dear Setz,

    Thank you for your response. I think I will bring my bicycle. I am looking forward to make a ride up to gunung Lawu. I have read that the highest point that can be reached on the normal road is about 1800 meter above see level. Dies anybody know how many km of climbing it is by bicycle?

    With kind regards,

  3. bleukatana2004

    bleukatana2004 Bali 2014 Organiser

    saya save namanya ya Om @diablovampiro cita2 yg belum kesampaian solo - magetan pp melintasi G Lawu
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  4. Ary

    Ary The Locomotive

    This climbing is the hors categorie climb ... but very beautiful
    Solo to Palur is flat
    Palur to Karanganyar is hilly (around 2-6% grade)
    Karanganyar to tawangmangu is mountainous (around 5-12%)
    Tawangmangu to cemorosewu is super mountainous (around 8-18% mostly, but on some area especially the Wortel Washing and Gondosuli Village, it will be 19-20% for 800-1500m long, that's the most suffering point on this climbing)

    Suggestion : Please bring a compact crank 50/34, with a super big cassete (30 or 32 if possible)
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  5. Ary

    Ary The Locomotive

    Mau saya temanin om?
  6. bleukatana2004

    bleukatana2004 Bali 2014 Organiser

    mau sekali Om Ary
    #omaryemang orangnya kayak gitu
  7. john

    john Well-Known Member

    saya bingung mau response apa scr saya pribadi blm pernah sampe cemoro sewu lol
    tapi i will do my best to find someone or a few people kalo emang mau naik ke sana :)

    disamping juru kunci mbah @diablovampiro tentunya
  8. ch_cx

    ch_cx Bali 2014 Organiser

    Ah bikin galau aja deh kalo ada rute menggoda gini...ijin nyimak dulu
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  9. bleukatana2004

    bleukatana2004 Bali 2014 Organiser

    sundul ya sampai berangkat
  10. Marto

    Marto New Member

    Ary thanks for the info about the climb of gunung Lawu. Seems like a great challenge with some serious climbing. What is your experience in the Tawangmanggu area outside of the main road? I will make some changes concerning my bike. I ride a 9 speed ultegra, my lowest gear is 39x27. For the Vosges and the Black Forest that was ok, but I think gng lawu is more difficult.

    Salam dari Belanda,

  11. bleukatana2004

    bleukatana2004 Bali 2014 Organiser

  12. Ary

    Ary The Locomotive

    With 39x27, you will be safe until Tawangmangu ... but if you insist to reach Cemorosewu, I suggest you to take the outer road (turn right after at the junction after waterfall area, just before the hard climb of "carrot washing") ... which is longer, but the gradient will stay at 7-12% (in exchange you must ride 5km longer).

    If you want to make another route, you can go to "Ceto Temple" (but there's also 18% gradient before the temple) ... for this destination, turn left after the karanganyar market and bus station ...

    If you want another route around solo ... try to check with the Solo Group at this Forum ... in the Central Java Sub Forum ... there will be another route like Solo to Tlatar Water Park at Boyolali ... Solo to Selo Pass (the pass, right in the middle of Mount Merapi and Merbabu) ... etc
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  13. diablovampiro

    diablovampiro Member

    Penjelasan yang sudah sangat jelas dan "cetho" sekali dari Om Ary sampai detail tanjakanya.
    so whenever want to go there , I'm ready
  14. Marto

    Marto New Member

    Ary dan Diablovampiro terima kasih banyak. Saya ganti persnelling ke 39x32 yang paling kecil. (Shimano xt 9speed long cage instead of ultegra short cage). Saya semoga itu cukup untuk saya. I hope I can make at least two rides per week the time that I stay in Solo (dekat RS Brayat), Saya tinggal di Solo kira2 3 minggu.


  15. setzz

    setzz Well-Known Member

  16. bleukatana2004

    bleukatana2004 Bali 2014 Organiser

    ngiluuu ngeliat tanjakannnya
  17. desu35

    desu35 Member

    Tapi suka kan! Jangan bilang kalo om @bleukatana2004 tidak ingin kesini!hehe...
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  18. setzz

    setzz Well-Known Member

    masa tiap hari km0 10lap ngilu liat ini om?
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  19. john

    john Well-Known Member

    bener tuh kmrn naik mobil lewat sini
    edan... endurance ama effort kudu kuat niy

    kapan2 pengen coba sih.. tp start dari karangpandan :D
  20. setzz

    setzz Well-Known Member

    my 1st attempt to cemoro sewu was saved by the rain.. wkwkwk.

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