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Cateye Padrone Smart+

Discussion in 'Review Perlengkapan Sepeda Balap' started by mt, Oct 24, 2016.

  1. mt

    mt Pensiun Dulu

    I wanted a new non-Garmin cyclo for the new bike and having experienced the solid product quality behind Cateye products (Volt 1200, Volt 400, Volt 800, many other Cateye lights), I decided to look for a Cateye cyclo, given their more reasonable value for money.

    The Padrone smart+ (Rp1.8 with a speed/cadence sensor bundle) stands out as it offers mirroring functions to your phone. It doesn't have a built in GPS, but instead it reads from the GPS data from your Iphone. Yes, Cateye also makes a cyclo with a built in GPS that sells for less (Cateye Stealth 10, ~Rp1jt), but I have a bigger faith in my Iphone's GPS.


    Set up is very easy with the Iphone 6s (you download Cateye's App first) and so far I have been very happy with it. Some user reviews on the internet complaints that they are having problem connecting to their Android phones, but other than that I think the majority of reviews have been happy.


    The Padrone Smart+ have a customizable screen so you can divide the screen to up to 6 cells and you can set what reading to be displayed on which particular cell. The default display here is 5 cells (1 full column cell and 4 half column cells.)


    I tried installing the Speed/Cadence sensor but I don't like the way it makes you have to install extra magnets on the crank and your wheelset. I think it un-tidies your bike.

    The beautiful thing about this set up is that I own several bike, and now all I need to do is buy several Cateye-barfly type mounts and put them all on my bikes (the mounts sell for ~Rp150,000 Rodalink, much cheaper and better finish plastic than Barfly's), and whenever I want to track my ride using any of the other bikes, I just pull out the Padrone Smart+ Cyclo and mount it on the next bike. No need to install sensors on any of my other bikes.

    The Padrone Smart+ is bluetooth compatible so you can also pair it with power meters and heart rate meters. But for now, I'd prefer the clean and uncluttered look of the bike.

    For less money but similar functionality, you can also get the Padrone Smart (same screen size but non-customizable display and lower quality display) or Strada Smart (much smaller, standard Cateye Strada size).

    I'll take some real photos of the Padrone Smart+ on my bike soon.

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  2. Soekotjock

    Soekotjock Active Member

    Barfly nya cateye rada ringkih oom
    Rada riskan patah,apalagi klo sering dicopot2 cyclocomp nya
    Tp buat harga 150rb (140rb gw bli d wijaya bike semarang) cukup fungsional sih
    Daripada ditempel di stem trus banyak cable ties berseliweran gitu...

    Trus definitely dia g bisa dipasang d aero handlebar
  3. Dyoo

    Dyoo Well-Known Member


    lumayan awet pake yang ori cateye nya, masih bisa di sworks aerofly

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  4. Soekotjock

    Soekotjock Active Member

    Hooo bisa d sworks aerofly?
    Tmn pake zipp yg entah apa g bisa kepasang kmrn wkt iseng nyobain barfly gw
  5. mt

    mt Pensiun Dulu

    Pak @Soekotjock I really don't feel the cateye mount to be flimsy, but I don't know ya I haven't used the Padrone+ for long enough. I have a lot of Cateye light products and none of their brackets have yet to break. Generally, when talking a US vs Japan product quality, I'll put my money on the Japanese one. Even if both are made in China, Japanese companies in general seem to have better quality control across different industries.

    No problem on my bontrager aero handlebar too. It mounts beautifully.

  6. Soekotjock

    Soekotjock Active Member

    Hooo bisa di aerobar ya brarti?
    Mungkin aerobar zipp tmn gw yg beda
    Ntah knp nggak muat diameternya klo dipasang di sblhnya bagian hb yg diclamp sama stem itu
    Kaya yg lbh gede diameter hb nya drpd diameter hb pada umumnya...
    Krn gw ndiri g prnah pk aerobar gw kira smua aerobar kaya gt....

    Thx koreksinya...
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  7. mt

    mt Pensiun Dulu

    Sipp no problem.

    BTW is it just me, but the finishing on Barfly's mount looks like cheap chinese product and is definitely not worth Rp450,000 (~USD35???!!!)
  8. FunRunner

    FunRunner Rider Srampangan

    It certainly not as solid looking as Cateye's. But I use mine for quite a while now and no problem whatsoever. Btw, I got mine for around IDR 220,000 or so.

    edit: maksudnya saya pake yang bikinan Barfly ya..
    Last edited: Oct 26, 2016
  9. Dyoo

    Dyoo Well-Known Member


    idem, selisih sedikit . sering ganti stem, copot pasang barfly, still good .

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  10. mt

    mt Pensiun Dulu

    Saya sudah lama curiga ya, untuk parts2 yang ada stock di Rodalink, harga Rodalink rata2 lebih murah dari online store. Cateye front bracket itu saya beli Rp150k atau Rp180k deh.

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